Oklahoma City Division

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Phone: 405.748.5043

Address: 408 NE 145th Place
Oklahoma City, 
OK 73013

Building Momentum—And A Strong Reputation.

One of our newest branches with a drive to compete is our Oklahoma City division, led by the power duo—Aaron Stoops and Aaron Burns. Both leaders transferred with impressive careers underway at our Tulsa office, and that passion and ambition will help grow in this new region.

With the practical skills, motivational attitude, and leadership that’s getting noticed across the industry, this division is driving forward to expand Crossland quality to more and more businesses and communities.

in Oklahoma City

holds company record for largest PEMB erected

in 2020

OU/OSU fans

Meet The Leadership

Sky-High Ambition With the Skills To Match

Aaron Stoops – Division Manager,
Oklahoma City

Before joining Crossland after graduation from Oklahoma State University, Aaron intended to accept a position elsewhere. His plans flipped completely after interviewing with Crossland—and that decision altered everything in his career to come. In just 10 years, Aaron has been promoted four times, including to the lead role at our Oklahoma City division.

Ever the outdoorsman, Aaron spends his free time biking, hunting, golfing and relaxing with his family.

Our Experience

Oklahoma City Division

Check out the community-enhancing projects we’ve completed in Oklahoma

AAA Quail Springs
Warren CAT PSD Facility
Mustang High School Science Academy
Mustang High School Soccer Improvements
Lawton Public Schools Multiple Safe Rooms
Inland Truck Parts
Mustang Performing Arts Center









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