RWU SHF Improvements Phase 1

Wastewater Treatment Plants

Rogers, Arkansas

Brief Summary

Crossland Heavy Contractors partnered with the Garver engineering firm to improve the Rogers Solids Handling Facility in Rogers, AR. The plant owner, Rogers Water Utilities, chose CHC and Garver to increase the plant’s capacity for creating dried biosolids and improve their overall solids handling storage and distribution.

CHC performed the project via the Construction Management At-Risk (CMAR) delivery method, one of the first CMAR projects in Arkansas. CHC’s use of CMAR ensured that RWU received the benefits of the upgrades much sooner than if it had been delivered by traditional methods, saving RWU a lot of time and money.

The project scope of work was mostly equipment-based, including the installation of new solids drying, conveying, handling, and storage options, providing more flexibility and increased efficiency. CHC also installed a new dust removal system and automated shoot, enabling the biosolids to be cleanly placed into trucks. Additionally, RWU can now weigh trucks with a new automated system, making the overall solids distribution process much more effortless and efficient.

The final result provided Rogers Water Utilities with an under-budget job that will benefit the Rogers community for years to come.

Project facts

  • OWNER - Rogers Water Utilities
  • DELIVERY METHOD - Construction Management

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