ODOT - Vinita Hwy 2


Vinita, Oklahoma

Brief Summary

The idea of a highway expansion project for the City of Vinita, Oklahoma, was first introduced in 2008. High volumes of traffic move along State Highway 2, which runs through the core business district of this Northeast Oklahoma community. The highway hadn’t been updated since initially constructed, so the Oklahoma Department of Transportation resolved to invest $10.5 million in infrastructure improvements, starting in 2018.

Vinita now enjoys the sizeable changes made to their main thoroughfare after Crossland Heavy Contractors completed the extensive widening project. Motorists went from commuting on a narrow two-lane road with open drainage ditches to a wide four-lane highway with efficient curbs and gutters. Vinita residents are thrilled with the expansion, and city leaders are excited that the new sidewalks on both sides of the roadway are improving safety for pedestrians.

The project included widening Highway 2 for over one mile, more than doubling the road capacity. The crews installed 1.7 miles of RCP, one-half mile of RCB, 91 storm structures, two miles of curb, and 41,475 SY of 9” paving. To date, this was the largest Department of Transportation project for Crossland Heavy.

Due to a particularly rainy season, our team had to work together to devise a plan to manage existing storm sewer conditions. With creative project phasing and a persistent focus on our critical path, we were able to finish this project three days ahead of schedule.

Project facts

  • OWNER - Oklahoma Department of Transportation
  • ARCHITECT - Benham
  • SELF-PERFORMANCE - Below-Grade Utilities, Cast-in-Place Concrete
  • DELIVERY METHOD - Design-Bid-Build / Hard Bid
  • AWARD - ABC of Oklahoma Excellence in Construction

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