Mustang High School Soccer Improvements

Athletic/Sporting Facilities

Mustang, Oklahoma

Brief Summary

The Mustang High School Soccer Improvements project was a two-fold project. The first part of the project included the renovation of the men’s 2,781 SF locker room to be sure the building is up to code. This renovation involved adding a film room as well as an official’s locker room and an office for the coach. The second part of this project was the addition of a separate 3,350 SF locker room for the women’s soccer team. This addition of the women’s locker room also involved a film room, a JV/Varsity locker room and a coach’s office with a locker room. Interior features that make this project unique include exposed ceiling painted ductwork and an exposed concrete floor.

Project facts

  • Size - 6,131 Square Feet
  • Contract Value - $1.4 Million
  • Delivery Method - Construction Management
  • Client - Mustang Public Schools
  • Architect - MA+ Architecture

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