Red Iron Magazine – Summer 2020 Issue
*September 24, 2021

Check out this issue of our Red Iron Magazine: Summer 2020 Issue!

A Message From Our CEO

The innovative spirit of Americans is what defines this country. It’s what led the Wright Brothers to put the first airplane in the sky and NASA to land the first man on the moon. Also known as the land of dreams and opportunity, it’s a place where ordinary people can achieve extraordinary goals.

To overcome current economic challenges, we are leaning on the same core principles that have carried America forward for centuries. We’re confident that our country – and our company – will emerge from these times even stronger than before.

Our employees’ strength, reliability, and tenacity will continue to carry us through. It’s our ability to adapt and persevere that helped us grow from a small construction company founded out of the family garage, to a top 100 contractor in the nation (#66 in the latest ENR ranking). Through challenges, we will not lose sight of how important our self-perform capabilities are, we will continue to become the best at everything we do, and we will build quality projects that lead to life-long clients.

Here’s to the American spirit and conquering the second half of 2020 – strongly and safely.

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