Cotton County Water Treatment Plant
*August 6, 2020

Cotton-WTP-(1)Cotton County, OK – For years, Cotton County, OK, has struggled to consistently manage the fluoride, arsenic, and nitrate levels in their water. In Fall of 2018, Cotton County hired Crossland Heavy to build a new water treatment plant, a blending station, and a water well that would improve their chemical distribution and water quality. 

The project had multiple components, including an all-encompassing operations building that houses a lab, a filter process, a chemical feed system, electrical controls, and storage. The pump station connects and combines eight separate well sources and distribution systems into one unified system with remote accessibility. The system allows the County to maintain and service the station without cutting the water supply to any part of the community. 

Cotton-WTP-(7)Cotton County is the first plant in Oklahoma to use this type of treatment and filtration process.  Between the new process building and the two new wells, water capacity will virtually double. This complex project required serious coordination, precision, and multiple pieces of equipment. To mitigate long material lead times, crews had to erect the metal building before installing the tanks inside. Then, we had to pass six interior tanks through an overhead door. Lastly, we had to install building piping before the filtration media, which created a significant obstruction to the access area. The collaboration of all teams involved helped make this project a success. 

Crossland Heavy completed this multi-faceted project on time and within budget. Most importantly, we delivered a facility that will provide quality drinking water to Cotton County residents for years to come.

Project Team: Justin Lillie, Division Manager; Mitch Ralston, Project Manager; and Cody Little, Superintendent

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