XTO Cowboy Cryo


Carlsbad, New Mexico

Brief Summary

A subsidiary of ExxonMobil, XTO Energy is a leading oil and natural gas producer in North America, operating in all major U.S. producing regions, including the Permian Basin. XTO processes 170 million cubic feet of natural gas per day. 

After 19 previous projects with Crossland, XTO hired our team for a twentieth time to build an 11,800 SF control building for their Cowboy Terminal, a central delivery hub in southeastern New Mexico. The addition will enable XTO to control the cooling process for natural gas removed by the plant to prepare it for transport. 

The project consisted of a plain box metal building with a breezeway and includes two bridge cranes, the control center for the natural gas plant, offices, a common area, and kitchen space. 

Crossland crews were able to overcome several unique, location-based factors during the project. The remote location presented challenges in both getting materials to the site and communication in the field, due to limited internet access and cellphone reception. For the location issues, our team provided GPS coordinates to the shipping companies for deliveries and allowed for an extended schedule procurement window so they could arrive on time. To address the communications challenge at the site, crews added cell phone repeaters and held their conference calls during times that signal strengths were strong. 

Additionally, the owner accelerated the project's completion timeline at the midway point, impacting the work due to a limited subcontractor base. Our team adjusted for this change by compartmentalizing elements of the work so they could be completed and turned over to the owner. That solution enabled the beneficial occupancy of the building, while crews completed the additional scope items. 

The project was completed within budget and released in portions to the owner.

Project facts

  • SIZE - 9,800 SQUARE FEET
  • DELIVERY METHOD - Design-Bid-Build / Hard Bid
  • OWNER - XTO Energy
  • ARCHITECT - Schwarz-Hanson Architects

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