Sam's Club Layout


Bentonville, Arkansas

Brief Summary

The Sam’s Club Layout Center is a 137,750 square feet facility with a final contract of $9 million. This large facility was built to simulate a Sam’s retail store with product and racking layouts. In addition to the large layout space, this building contains a small office, restrooms, and a breakroom. 
The use of Precast in this project provided two main benefits; speed and quality. Using Precast provided a product that would take the place of having three other trades on-site, and sped up the process considerably. Usually, a framer would install a stud framed wall, insulation, and gyp boards. Then a Water Proofer would add moisture barrier, and a Mason would install the brick. Utilizing the Precast process meant that once the panels are set up, site construction could immediately continue. The consistency found in using Precast was also a significant benefit. The panels always looked uniform, and the quality of the materials was constant. Being able to rely on the speed and quality of this product improved the outcome of this project immensely. 

Project facts

  • Precast Dimensions - 53,260 Square Feet
  • Precast Contract Value - $1.2 Million
  • Cost Per Square Foot - $22.64
  • Precast Elements - Thin Brick Veneer, Insulated Walls

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