A Gathering Place


Tulsa, Oklahoma

Brief Summary

Crossland Construction Company was selected by the City of Tulsa for The Gathering Place park project.  With generous donations from George Kaiser Family Foundation, the new park unites four previously disconnected park properties along the water edges of Blair Pond, Crow Creek, the Zinc lake, and the Arkansas River.  Pedestrians and cyclists will cross the roadways via a series of bridges to access the various areas of the park.  Connecting Tulsa’s central business district to the riverfront, the Midland Valley Trail will provide access to slower-paced park trails and programs, and will pass between the new focal areas of The Gathering Place, including Swing Hill, Sky Garden, and The Garden Path Bridge.  The Great Lawn will be expanded, giving even more open space for outdoor activities, such as Frisbee and soccer.  With scattered cafes for food and drink and designated park spots that offer something for all ages, The Gathering Place is sure to be the city’s hot spot for family entertainment.  Crossland is privileged to be a part of this community enhancement project.

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