15th Street - Peoria to Lewis Arterial Street Rehab


Tulsa, Oklahoma

Brief Summary

The City of Tulsa, OK, hired Crossland Heavy to rehab a busy, mile-long stretch of 15th Street, from Peoria to Lewis. There are quite a few businesses and restaurants located along this busy stretch of road in Tulsa. Although parking was available on both sides, renovations included adding islands on each roadway section to provide additional parking spaces. We also added pedestrian and bike lanes, making the road more accessible for fitness seekers.

Crossland Heavy demoed, removed, and then milled off the old asphalt, exposing existing concrete underneath. Crews patched the concrete where needed, then laid asphalt on the road, added storm inlets, and installed all new driveways and utilities.

We self-performed 80% of this project, which was invaluable in maintaining control over the schedule and ensuring on-time delivery. Staying on schedule was especially crucial during the early days of the pandemic when we were only allowed a limited number of people on the jobsite. Crews had to work overtime to maintain the schedule and make up for fewer people onsite, while also following the new COVID safety requirements.

Crossland teams were a vital and reliable information resource, providing frequent progress and construction phase updates to city leadership. Crews kept business disruptions to a minimum by making owners aware of when we would be working in front of their shops. Additionally, our jobsite Superintendent constantly communicated with the business and restaurant owners impacted during driveway installs.

For the 15th Street project, high traffic along the route was the overall safety issue, with crews working in the middle of an operational road. The jobsite Super created a safe work environment by holding daily "Toolbox Talk" meetings and addressing the safety challenges through proper traffic control - ensuring everyone was aware of surroundings and watching traffic – and adding temporary stops to the existing road.

Ultimately, the 15th Street from Peoria to Lewis project provided a much faster way of travel for Tulsa's residents.

Project facts

  • SELF-PERFORMANCE - Earthwork, Demo, Concrete
  • DELIVERY METHOD - Design-Bid-Build / Hard Bid
  • ENGINEER - Garver USA

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