Newly Renovated Fort Osage Football Stadium


31 August, 2018

From the artificial turf and the new, eight-lane track to the new scoreboard, bleachers, press box, and visitor’s concession stand, it’s hard to pinpoint just which feature of the new Fort Osage Stadium is a hometown sports-fan favorite.  As part of an $11.37 million bond issue, the school district was in dire need of a stadium facelift.  When Crossland took the field, they knew they were well on their way to having a fantastic new sporting complex on their home turf.

Crossland Self-Performance Teams Key to Success

The $4.1 million Fort Osage Stadium project took eight months to complete.  Staying on top of the tight schedule was Priority One for our Crossland crews.  Regular meetings with our subcontractors, in conjunction with rigorous, three week schedules, allowed us to identify any conflicts and get out ahead of them.  Also part of this winning combination was Crossland’s ability to self-perform various aspects of the contract.  Using our skilled workforce, the accelerated schedule brought with it a bit less pressure as teams self-performed the site concrete, the building concrete, the earthwork, and the storm sewer work.  A white board stood front and center in the job trailer, highlighting production rates for each task, pushing a daily production agenda from a self-performance standpoint.  Our Crossland self-performance teams were onsite every single day, from kick-off to game-winning touchdown.  A continual job punch list made tasks clear for everyone involved. 

Mother Nature didn’t show us any mercy during winter months.  The frigidly cold temperatures made production difficult.  In particular, soil stabilization was an issue.  What was listed on the white board as a “now” for soil stabilization had to wait four weeks because it was simply too cold to do it.  That four-week delay resulted in long days and late nights to get the project finished on time.

Fort Osage Stadium and Breezeway project is a State-of-the-Art Facility

A longstanding feature of the previous stadium was the grass playing field, notorious for being the only grass field left in the Fort Osage metro area.  Replaced with artificial turf, the field can now be utilized by the marching band for practice and by the soccer teams.  Completion of the new, eight lane track was also long-awaited.  During construction, the track teams practiced inside the school, running the hallways, and at other tracks scattered across the district.  Keeping the schedule transitioning smoothly was particularly important for the track portion of the project.  With only a small window of time to get track surfacing crews in and out, it was imperative that we maintained consistent progress.  If we dropped the ball, track surfacing would have to be rescheduled weeks after the original date.  Of course, Crossland crews put their game faces on and track surfacing went as scheduled.

With a completed stadium ready for the 2018/2019 school year, students can enjoy the Friday Night Lights in style.  Event attendees will get their first glimpse of the project when they walk through the new, 100 square foot ticket booth.  A 1,500 square foot concessions freezer is a long-overdue upgrade for the newly remodeled, 500 square foot home concessions stand.  Visitors will enjoy their new concessions facility, which measures 1,000 square feet.  When they aren’t cheering on their feet, students, families, friends, and visitors will be seated on new bleachers measuring 2,100 square feet.  Finally, a 480 square foot press box stands ready for play-by-play action.

“This is a great testimony from our community,” Fort Osage Superintendent Jason Snodgrass said as he greeted fans and walked through the complex, “because they have heard about what we were doing here – and now, they are seeing it in person. And look at this turnout!  This new stadium, with the turf and the new track, will be used by people in the community, by our PE classes, our soccer and football teams – a lot of people are going to benefit from this.  And we did it right – we left no stone unturned. We had the right people in on the decision-making process, from the press box and bleachers to the handicapped seating area and our new ticket booth.  I really believe this is one of the most historic days in history of our school district.”  Crossland Construction was honored to turn the Fort Osage Stadium and Breezeway project over to the district, ready to welcome generations of fans.


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