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9 July, 2019

The Downtown Marriott Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri was lit up street side on December 8, 2018.  Not with notions spreading Holiday cheer, and not with steadfast support for the Kansas City Chiefs.  It was lit up with our logo. Crossland had taken over the facility for the night, and we let the city know.  As our people poured in to attend the annual Christmas party, excitement and pride filled the air.  The Crossland Heavy Pinnacle Award video began to play, and Ryan Adler had no idea what was coming.  “I realized about a third of the way through the video that I was about to be named the Pinnacle Award winner.  I was filled with excitement and, more importantly, appreciation,” said Ryan.  From the start of the video to the time he was handed the microphone on stage, just under five minutes, Ryan’s Crossland Heavy legacy was set in stone, and he joined a select group of employees honored with Heavy’s highest award.

The Pinnacle Award is presented to an individual who goes above and beyond to get the job done. They pick up the slack when someone else doesn’t come through.  They do whatever it takes.  “It definitely is the most prestigious award we have,” said Dan Thompson, Division Manager for Crossland Heavy’s Arkansas region.  Ryan, by all accounts, is that guy.  Balancing work life and personal life, Ryan is more than Heavy’s Director of Pre-construction Services.  He is a loving husband and a doting father.  Maintaining that precious balance isn’t always easy.  “The first job he had was two and a half hours from home.  He drove it.  Every day.  For two and a half years.  Because he wanted to learn the process.  He wanted to be onsite.  He wanted to gain the respect of his peers,” said Dan.  

Today, Ryan’s hard work and long hours have definitely paid off.Ryan’s “don’t quit” approach to daily business has, no doubt, contributed to his success.  “We both started around the same time – about ten years ago.  He has really grown with the company.  He’s always all in, ready to go.  Not a day goes by that Ryan isn’t giving his best,” said Ashley Hays, Crossland Heavy Superintendent.  We asked Ryan what drives him to commit to his projects so completely. “Owners hire us for a service that ultimately provides them with a product at completion of the project.  Many of our projects are funded by taxpayer dollars.  I feel like we owe it to these local communities to provide them with the best quality projects, within their budgets, that we can,” said Adler.  

Those who work closest with Ryan hear him say, “I’m a lifer,” all the time.  “He embodies what Crossland Heavy is supposed to be. He truly believes he will retire from Heavy.  He takes it seriously,” said Garrett Street, Project Engineer.  Ryan’s drive is unparalleled.  Whether he is answering the phone in the middle of the night or powering through when the going gets rough, the job is a top priority.  “The projects we deal with and the involvement they require to make sure all the little pieces fit together can be overwhelming.  But, Ryan doesn’t back down. It’s because he believes in this company.  He believes in us.  And, he wants to elevate our reputation with every job he’s on,” said Hays.  

It’s common for companies to establish a list of values.  It’s a completely different thing to live them.  Here, we live them.  Not only because it’s expected, but because Crossland hires people who already implement these values in their daily lives.  Reputation, integrity, speed, efficiency, and quality.  For Heavy, that list is non-negotiable.  Ryan is no exception.  A round-the-clock ambassador for Heavy, Ryan does what’s right.  “It makes him a joy to work with,” said Thompson. “Ryan sets the standard on his jobs and develops relationships with his strength of character.  He’s able to communicate with everybody…I am privileged to work with him,” said Hays.  

As Crossland Heavy looks to the future, we are encouraged.  “Ryan is training the next generation - the one that will eventually replace this one,” said Dan. “I’ve seen some of the new guys grow by leaps and bounds, all because of Ryan.  That, to me, is also a big part of receiving the Pinnacle Award.” Congratulations, Ryan.  You are a mentor, a leader, and a friend.  You push us to be better every single day.  Crossland appreciates your strength of character and dedication. With you on our side, the future is bright.


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