Crossland Prefab Hires A Structural Engineer


11 January, 2021

Doing as much work as possible in-house is certainly the Crossland way. Bringing work in-house, either by self-performing, hiring, or starting new companies, leads to cost savings and production efficiencies that we can pass to our clients.  

Enter Crossland Prefab. Our in-house precast plant produces high-quality, precast concrete panels in various finishes and styles. All precast walls are built indoors year-round in our temperature-controlled manufacturing plant – a vital component of Crossland Construction projects.  

We’re thrilled to announce the hiring of our first in-house structural engineer, Michael Jones. Michael will be designing and detailing precast walls and panels, an important function that we’ve had to outsource in the past.  

From Rob Newsom, General Manager, “Adding a specialized precast engineer in-house is a big win. Having Michael at the plant will reduce wait time because he’ll be there to answer questions and work on projects immediately.”  

Michael’s position will also bring significant cost savings through his ability to allow customization. And, he’ll only focus on Crossland projects, which will increase efficiency. 

Welcome to Crossland, Michael. We’re glad to have you on the team! 


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