Congratulations To Randy Monson On 40 Years With Crossland Construction!

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20 August, 2019

Randy Monson. His name is nearly synonymous with Crossland Construction Company, and that’s because he has been with us from the beginning.

Exactly 40 years ago on August 16th, Randy Monson started with Crossland Construction, August 16th, 1979 – when "My Sharona" by The Knack was topping the music charts, and Jimmy Carter was President. A lifelong resident of Columbus, Kansas, he graduated high school with Mike Crossland and laughed, saying, "back then, if you went to Columbus schools, there was at least one Crossland in every class." Randy's 40 years of contribution to Crossland's success is nothing to sneeze at. With the just-right combination of humility and pride, Randy said, "I started as a laborer. We were all laborers back then. That was all that there was." And, regardless of the economy, he was all-in with this little family start-up, saying, "I didn't always know where the next job would be, but I knew I'd always have a job." 

Randy's faith in Ivan, Sr., in the Crossland family, and in the Crossland company mission was unshakable. In other words, if ever there was a "ground floor" guy, Randy Monson was it. Today, Randy Monson and Curt Crossland - 1981Randy serves us as a Project Superintendent. Between scheduling work, making sure the right people are in the right place at the right time, and monitoring quality control, his days are anything but ordinary.

After all these years, despite the fast pace and often chaos, Randy enjoys the respect he so diligently earned. "I like coming to work. When I get out of the Crossland truck or wear the Crossland shirt, I'm proud, and it carries over into my personal life. It takes years to earn it and only minutes to lose it. Those are words I try to live by. If we remember our core values, it really is the easiest way to live."

As Randy reminisced on old stories, we know that he revered his father.

"Work ethic is something you learn, and I learned it from my dad. He taught me to do it right. And, he learned it from my granddad. I used to work with my granddad in the garden as a boy. He was meticulous - perfect plant rows laid out with string. I can still remember the first time I planted my own garden. He came over to take a look and immediately noticed my lines weren't perfectly straight. He said, 'Well, I guess you can get more plants in a crooked row,' and he smiled. I still chuckle about that to this day. Every year, as I plant my garden, I'm reminded of his example." A self-professed country bumpkin, Randy carries on the family traditions of cattle and crop farming and gardening on his own 685-acre farm. He also loves to hunt, fish, and trap.
Thank you, Randy, for your 40 years with Crossland and congratulations!


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