Chris Walters, Pinnacle Award Winner


3 March, 2017

For us, it is a calling.  Regardless of our capacity within the Crossland Companies, we bring our skills, our passion, and our commitment every single day.  And every year, those celebrated qualities set us apart from our competition.  Crossland Heavy’s highest honor, the Pinnacle, was awarded to Tulsa Division Manager, Chris Walters.  With us since 2005, Chris has always been a good fit.  He balances his leadership role with Crossland’s teamwork mentality, setting standards for his crews and working beside them on the jobsite to meet those standards.  His enthusiasm and intensity impact everyone around him in ways that bring tremendous results.  We are proud to have you on the Crossland team, Chris.  Congratulations on being selected as the 2016 Pinnacle Award winner.  Crossland – Real people.  Real builders.  Real commitment.     


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