Under The Hard Hat With Juan Gutierrez
*December 3, 2020

We’re excited to feature Crossland Heavy employee Juan Gutierrez for our ‘Under the Hard Hat’ employee spotlight. Juan has been a concrete finisher with Crossland for almost 14 years. With an extraordinary commitment to his co-workers and his craft, Juan is a great example to those around him. When we ask others about Juan, the words we heard most were, reliable, dedicated, and strong work ethic.

“My favorite part of the projects I work on is when I finish the concrete and can see what my hard work has gone into—that’s a great feeling.”

The people who work with Juan see his experience and broad skillset as very beneficial. “Juan has a can-do attitude and the experience to back it up. He brings value by being able to perform any task you throw at him,” says Nick Mackey, Superintendent.

Indeed, Juan’s dedication to Crossland has a lot to do with his love for his craft. He values learning as much as possible and sharing his knowledge by mentoring others. “Learning new things and expanding my skillset has definitely contributed to my success.”  

Given the length of time Juan has worked at Crossland, we asked him to tell us about the best advice he’s received during his career. “Have a good attitude and make good decisions. Life happens, and not every day is going to be a good one, so having a positive attitude on the jobsite can really change a person’s day.” 

Juan demonstrates that positivity and can-do attitude each day on his projects.  Luke Freisber, project superintendent had this to say about Juan, “If one day I need Juan to help pour and finish concrete, he will. If I need him to help with a water line crew, he will. If I need him to push a broom all day, he will. And he will do it right without any complaints. Juan does whatever is needed of him on the job.” 

“I’ve had the privilege to work with several outstanding individuals in my five years at Crossland Heavy, and Juan is one of the best.”

Robert Dardenne, pipe superintendent added, “The thing that impresses me the most about Juan is his willingness to still want to learn new things. Just this past Friday night, I got a call about a major water leak downtown Tulsa. I called several of our crewmembers, and Juan was there without hesitation from 8 pm until 2:30 am Saturday morning. I’ve had the privilege to work with several outstanding individuals in my five years at Crossland Heavy, and Juan is one of the best.”  

When Juan isn’t working in the field he spends his time with his family, his ultimate pride and joy. “My family is the treasure of my life; they are my world.”  

We would like to give a special thanks to you, Juan, for your hard work and dedication at Crossland. We’re honored to have you as a part of our family!

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