Crossland Purchases Pitsco Education
*November 16, 2021

Ivan Crossland, Sr.

Harvey Dean

An unexpected partnership with a lot of potential!

Crossland’s recent purchase of Pitsco, a well-established STEM curriculum-based company in Southeast Kansas, was an unusual pairing to most. However, once you take a deeper look, you’ll see why this sale and purchase made perfect sense for both companies.

Our similarities start from the very beginning. Most of you reading know our story. But to recap: Ivan Crossland, Sr. (our founder), started Crossland Construction out of the family garage in 1977.

Harvey Dean, Pitsco’s founder, started his company in 1971, creating hands-on learning kits in a garage. And, the unexpected connections continue from there. Both founders had an undeniable passion for education. Despite growing up in the Great Depression and dropping out of school at age 13 to work, Ivan Sr. never gave up on bettering himself or meeting his educational aspirations. With eight kids at home and working multiple jobs, he still earned his GED and later his Associates Degree. Ivan’s passion for education is a quality he encouraged in his sons and current company leaders of Crossland Construction. And, over 40 years later, education is still at the heart of our company. We’ve created many in-house educational programs over the years. Here are some you may or may not know about:

The Crossland Academy – a nationally accredited, in-house education program that offers skilled trades certification and training in concrete, heavy equipment operation, ironworking, leadership, and much more

50/50 Apprenticeship Program – our apprenticeship program gives high school students a jump start on a career in construction offering trade programs in carpentry, ironworking, and heavy equipment operation

Internship Program – our internship program gives students majoring in Construction Management or Engineering a hands-on experience and training to supplement their university curriculum

The Crossland Connection – a business to school partnership where we teach the importance of skilled trades to interested students

The purchase of Pitsco was a worthy endeavor for both companies. Together, Crossland and Pitsco will foster the next generation of builders by providing students with the facilities and materials they need to succeed.

There are lots of ideas and plans on the horizon. We can’t wait to see the impact on our industry’s future as we work together to create a well-educated workforce of problem-solvers and leaders.

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