Behind The Scenes With Christina Swanson
*December 3, 2020

Christina Swanson wears many hats in work and life. She begins each morning with a prayer before her feet ever hit the floor. With her principals firmly grounded in faith and family, she is thrilled to be working for Crossland, where family values are important and rooted in our culture. 

As an administrative assistant in our Texas office, Christina wears several hats across different departments. When she’s not performing her daily administrative tasks, she might be working with HR to onboard new employees or assisting the accounting department with special project waivers. 

With so many different roles, Christina always strives to apply her best career advice. “Don’t just learn how to do your job, learn how each department works around you, so you can better help others.” It can be challenging to juggle everything, but having multiple responsibilities is also her favorite part of the job. “Each day is different, and I learn something new each week.”

“Christina gets the job done for whatever task is asked of her. She is our go-to and always has a can-do attitude. She gets it all done and then some.” 

It’s been said the extra mile is never crowded, so employees who go above and beyond are gems among their peers. “Christina gets the job done for whatever task is asked of her. She is our go-to and always has a can-do attitude. She gets it all done and then some.” states Rocky Hussman, Texas Division Manager.  

Given that Christina’s tasks can vary every day, she’s also perfected multitasking, which shows her ability to jump in and help wherever and whenever it’s needed. “Christina is very organized. Throughout the chaos that comes with construction, she maintains structure and brings consistency to the Texas Division. That makes her extremely important to our success here.” says Derek Kloer, Project Manager.     

Sometimes Christina’s “extra mile” is literal. Co-worker Christy Williamson relays a time when the team ran out of binders while working on a bid package. “Christina drove all over town to find the exact ones we needed, in her own car, on her own dime, which saved us!”    

Outside of work, Christina is a modern-day superwoman. She stays extremely busy with her three young children: 5-year-old Noah and 18-month-old twins, Luke and Elise. Her husband, Justin, works in the oil industry, which takes him away from home two-three weeks at a time. Although this may seem daunting to some, Christina keeps a positive attitude saying, “We are just so grateful we both have a job during these times.” Christina loves being with her family, working out, and spending time outside in her garden. Her typical workday ends by playing with her kiddos until dinner, and then bedtime routines always ending with a prayer. 

Christina shared a fun fact about herself when we spoke with her. “I was a Dallas Stars Ice Girl for two seasons. I danced and skated at the games and also worked in the community at various charity events. After that, I went on to be the Ice Girl Director for six seasons.”

We’re so happy to have Christina as part of the Texas Division and our Crossland family!

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