Northside Wastewater Treatment Plant

Wastewater Treatment Plants
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Northside Wastewater Treatment Plant

Brief Summary

Crossland Heavy Contractors completed multiple improvements and a new construction at the Northside Wastewater Treatment Plant, which included the Headworks Project and the Digesters 3 and 4 projects.  Facility improvements included modification to the excess flow diversion structure, new raw sewage junction structures, new influent flow splitter structures, the replacement of sludge and dewatering pumps, the replacement of motor control centers, new primary sludge gravity thickeners, demolition of the existing Headworks facility, modification of decant boxes, new Vactor waste processing facilities, a new screen and grit building, and new fine screening equipment installation.  This project allowed the city to use bio gas in lieu of natural gas to fuel the boilers to heat sludge for treatment, saving the city approximately $20,000 a month.

Client — City of Tulsa
Cost — $11.5 million
Delivery Method — Hard Bid

Project Photos

Let me assure you that the Crossland family takes pride in their work and they have an excellent rapport with governing bodies.  They understand the challenges you face, and are most willing to work with you to meet your expectations.



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